Wayfinder to a Utopian World - Cozine '21


Ready or not, technology is going to take our world on a psychedelic rollercoaster ride! Presenting to you our annual magazine, Cozine '21: Wayfinder to a Utopian World - http://decrypt.co.in/cozine2021

Technology is the stimulus for an idealistic world. It is evolving at a mind-boggling rate and has been a leading force through all walks of life - from something as basic as a light bulb to as extraordinary as self-driven cars. Technological utopia is a futuristic or ideal society where technical innovation boosts our standard of living immensely. Everything is altering just in the blink of an eye. This issue of Cozine tries to contemplate questions pertaining to the ways this magical power: technology, can be used to achieve this ideal world we speak of. How has it helped us realise our dream so far? These progressions are fueling innovation, boosting efficiency, and refining the domain. It can decipher some of our most crucial issues, solve our most complex crises, and help us better understand our surroundings.

We are on the brink of a utopian world, and technology is serving as the Wayfinder navigating us through all the perils en route.

Cozine Team: Dr. Leena Ragha, Prof. Anupama Shenoy, Prof. Tushar Ghorpade, Makarand Madhavi, Rajat Kapgate, Somesh Koli, Vignesh Vijaykumar, Anushka Pansare, Mukulika Pahari, Ovee Jawdekar, Anuj Patil, Shreya Barhate.