Tech In Shining Armor - Technophilia ‘21


Technology swoops in to save the day as the world faces an unprecedented challenge. Presenting to you our annual newsletter, Technophilia ‘21: Tech In Shining Armor -

The coronavirus pandemic completely blindsided us. Suddenly we had colleges shutting down, cancelled summer plans and an awful helpless feeling. The virus slithered in amidst New Year celebrations and changed our lives forever.

We will forever be indebted to the doctors, nurses and healthcare works who jumped in, working ‘round the clock tending to patients with great risk to their own safety. However, what sets this pandemic apart from previous ones would be the ace up our sleeve- innovative technology.

Modern science and medicine have really changed our approach towards pandemics. With advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it has been possible to produce vaccines in just a year since the outbreak. Communication through the internet like video calls and collaborative work platforms quickly shifted our classes and jobs online. It has also kept us closely connected with our loved ones despite physical closeness being restricted. Contact is one of the major reasons for the spread of the virus and technology helped us combat that by achieving nearly complete contactless-ness.

In this modern-day tragedy, technology is truly our knight in shining armor.

About the Author: Mukulika Pahari is a Second Year Computer Engineering student at RAIT.