Intel versus AMD- A Tale as Old As Time


New decade, new debate! This time we have a battle between the microprocessors Intel and AMD.

In a world with abundant microprocessors, we do often seem to specifically ponder over why Intel and AMD are the most sought after microprocessors. And consequently, why is there such competition between AMD and Intel as compared to others. Is this the new macOS versus Windows?

Intel and AMD chip

For starters, let us delve into what Intel and AMD have to offer to us. Intel is a Silicon Valley-based multinational company that supplies microprocessors to various computer systems manufacturers like Lenovo, HP, Dell, etcetera. Its name is a portmanteau of the words ‘Integrated Electronics’. AMD, which is an abbreviation of ‘Advanced Micro Devices’, is also a Santa Clara-based company that deals with computer processors for business and consumer markets. Both, Intel and AMD offer us a variety of products like embedded processors, motherboard chipsets, etc. along with microprocessors.

Moving on to the topic at hand- Intel versus AMD; which is better and why? With the release of the Ryzen 5000 processor by AMD, the focus has shifted onto AMD and it is slowly trumping over the industry staple Intel. Ryzen 5000 has the highest performing chips the market has to offer as of today. When we compare the pricing and value of the two processors in question- Intel is more expensive than AMD. It is highly speculated that AMD has deliberately lowered its prices intending to have one-up over Intel. In the image below, the ‘Core i’ stands for Intel and ‘Ryzen’ for AMD.

Price of Intel and AMD
Prices of Intel and AMD

Weighing the processor specifications and features of the two, AMD again emerges as the winner. AMD offers more cores as well as threads at every price point. More cache memory and faster memory is supported by AMD over Intel. Intel runs cooler for a faster time and AMD heats up faster but AMD’s performance per watt is better. Intel loses a point when we compare CPU overclocking- more performance is gained by AMD for the same baseline speeds. Intel wins the battle of AMD versus Intel CPU drivers and software. Intel has the same Skylake architecture since 2015 while AMD’s has raid advances; AMD wins here. In terms of security as well, AMD is better than Intel. AMD has the best-integrated graphics performance in town. The following graph depicts the single-core processor performance of Intel and AMD by Geekbench.

Single-core performance of Intel and AMD
Single-core performance of Intel and AMD

While differentiating between our options we come to the common conclusion that where Intel falls short, AMD pulls through and vice versa. In the end, it depends upon the user what specifications they wish to see prominently in their microprocessor for there PCs.


About the Author: Ovee Jawdekar is a Second Year Computer Engineering student at RAIT.