Data Privacy: A Big Modern Day Concern

Raj Nishad

In this era of digitalisation, growth in technology has overwritten many of the standard and historical ways to manage and represent information in the form of digital data, rather than creating bundles of physical documents.

Data is one of the most important assets a company has, especially in big companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google. These companies make a huge profit by collecting, sharing and gaining insights from this data. The key to a company’s success is to deliver a healthy privacy policy as a measure of trust in customers because privacy is a human right. Proper policies build trust and accountability with the partners and customers who expect privacy. Many companies have faced highly publicized privacy failures and have learnt the importance of data privacy.

Data privacy is becoming more complex with time. It is the right of an individual to have control over how their data is being collected and used. Customers share their data on social media, e-commerce, and other applications and platforms to receive certain services. Companies are adopting several new ways for collecting, sharing and using this data simultaneously, with the rise of the data economy.

Nothing is free; downloading apps, using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or even using free email services like Gmail, data is the price we pay. Individuals’ data is continuously collected by these free sources as well. Visiting a website or using a browser to browse over the Internet means you are sharing data about yourself through cookies. An even more problematic threat is information being sold from one company to another without our consent.

About 3.5 billion people were robbed of their personal data in the last couple of decades alone. With all that being said, the rise of data encryption and real-time security monitoring has reduced many data privacy issues and provide some measure of relief.


About the Author: Raj Nishad is a First Year Computer Engineering student at RAIT.