TESLA BATTERY: How sustainable development will change the world

Anushka :)

Tesla- when you listen to this name what hits your mind first? Elon Musk or the first electric sports car Roadster?

Well if you don’t know, Tesla is one of the most important companies addressing climate change with their core products; their fleet of cars and their suite of clean energy technologies. Their cars are powered solely by the electrical charge stored in batteries.

     During the recent event held on the occasion of Tesla’s “BATTERY DAY” they revealed a surprising amount of information about the company that has been kept under the wraps. The latest battery “4680 cell” was revealed.They are going to be “tabless” battery cells that will improve range as well as power of the cars. It will be an in-house production done by Tesla and is projected to cover the entire market soon. The energy capacity of these new cells is 5 times more than the previous cells, making them 6 times more powerful and enabling a 16% range increase than the previous batteries used. Let’s hope these new innovations done by Tesla will dramatically reduce costs and allow the price of electric cars to drop down to the price of gasoline-powered ones.

Tesla indeed has a bright future in this world abound with technology. By 2022 the in-house cell production is aimed to be 100 gigawatt/hour with a rise to 3 terawatt/hour by 2030. These huge figures surely make it clear that by 2030 Tesla would be a trillion-mile leader in the technical industry. It will be a spectacular scene to look at such dramatic achievements of Tesla who started its journey in 2003.

The previous batteries used by Tesla in their electric cars are the “18650” cells (manufactured in 2013 by Panasonic in Asia) and the “1270” cells (manufactured in 2015 by Gigafactory, owned by Tesla). These battery packs are warranted against failure but not degradation. These cells are supposedly very resistant to degradation i.e. losing only 1% - 2% capacity per year. These cells that later degrade are recycled and used in the home tesla powerwalls. Hence the wastes as such are used again in some other production, reducing pollution.


Do you guys ever wonder why Tesla maintains a firm presence in the market even after being an electric car producer? Let me clear your doubt: the reason for the existence of ‘TESLA’ as a company is simply because lithium ion batteries have the highest charge capacity of any practical battery creation in history comparable to the cost i.e. they are high enough to make BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) practical.

As it’s said, “There is a clear path to success but a ton of work to be done to reach there.” Tesla has never let down its spectators’ expectations. So indeed it will be interesting to see how these new battery cells perform and do they meet the expectations. Along with this, it’s important for companies to take such efforts like Tesla to reduce pollution, increase production and lessen the product cost for the better will of the consumers as well as the environment.




About the Author: Anushka Pansare is a Second Year Computer Engineering student at RAIT.