Unravelling the Intricacies of Technology

The Emerging Field of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

The machine learning lifecycle, which includes various stages such as model training, deployment, management, and monitoring, is continuously evolving.

Linking Minds with Neuralink

As time goes by we have found ourselves largely attracted by the term “handsfree”. We have shifted to technology which does not involve much effort on our behalf to make everything easier, and ourselves a tad bit lazier.

Intel versus AMD- A Tale as Old As Time

New decade, new debate! This time we have a battle between the microprocessors Intel and AMD.

Tech In Shining Armor - Technophilia ‘21

Technology swoops in to save the day as the world faces an unprecedented challenge. Presenting to you our annual newsletter, Technophilia ‘21: Tech In Shining Armor - http://decrypt.co.in/technophilia2021

Blockchain: Everything you need to know!

What exactly is 'Bitcoin’, the word that’s trending so much all over the internet? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that began in 2009. It was the first-ever blockchain-based cryptocurrency. You might be wondering now, what’s this term ‘Blockchain’?

Starship Mission — What is SpaceX up to?

Every space fiction enthusiast’s dream of intergalactic space travel is more tangible than ever and it’s all because of SpaceX’s Starship.