Unravelling the Intricacies of Technology

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The internet is most probably the greatest invention that has affected every aspect of our existence.

Mind Games

A simple question asked by Alan Turing opened doors to endless possibilities- “Can machines think?”. Fast forward 70 years: I am asking a machine that is the size of a hockey puck, ‘how to make a french omelette’.

Cloudflare’s Encryption with Lava Lamps

Cloudflare is a web security company. Their conviction is to enhance security and performance for anything connected via the internet. One of their encryption technologies includes a wall filled with lava lamps. Sounds so cool!

OS for Quantum Computers: Is it a requisite?

Quantum computers. Sounds futuristic, right? Let’s talk about that.

Wayfinder to a Utopian World - Cozine '21

Ready or not, technology is going to take our world on a psychedelic rollercoaster ride! Presenting to you our annual magazine, Cozine '21: Wayfinder to a Utopian World - http://decrypt.co.in/cozine2021

ML, DL, AI — Are they the same?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. But it has certain subsets like ML (Machine learning) and DL (Deep learning) that aren’t known to the layman.